26th Fabulous Fords Forever (2011)

(Buena Park, CA) – What makes Fabulous Fords Forever a fabulous show for Ford enthusiasts? It is one of the West Coast’s largest car shows, if not the biggest. It has a reputation as a gigantic show drawing participants and car clubs from all over. The parking lot at Knott’s Berry Farm is Ford heaven where 1700+ cars of all years, brands and models were prominently displayed.

These are your daily drivers, collector cars, and vintage cars in nearly 50-something classes representing Ford’s longevity of production since 1903, including defunct brands like Mercury, Lincoln, DeTamaso and Merkur. You will find something for everyone: roughing-out Broncos, exotic Panteras, stealthy Taurus SHOs and all-American Mustangs!

Celebrities Steve Saleen, Carroll Shelby and Parnelli Jones were happily autographing posters for excited fans; it’s a special moment to have three acclaimed individuals having made an immense impact on Ford sharing the same spotlight. Molly Saleen attended the show with her one-of-a-kind hot pink Mustang.

The Ford display gained a lot of attention with “Parnelli Jones: Meet and Greet.” Parnelli’s famous No. 15 1970 Trans Am BOSS 302 was the center of attraction being flanked by interactive booths with consumers and kids lining up to play games and learn about Ford products. High-end trance music pumping out of speakers created an electrifying atmosphere.

A dozen strong product specialists were on hand giving out prizes, t-shirts and information on displayed vehicles – Ford Edge, F-150 Harley Davidson, Mustang GT 500 and Taurus SHO, just to name a few. And for those who missed the opportunity at previous auto shows, the 2012 BOSS 302 and 2012 Focus were also displayed.

Ford Racing, SMS and Roush were promoting its newest catalogs, merchandises and products. SMS brought out their Black Label 302 and introduced their supercharger. I wouldn’t mind owning one of the two Roush Stage 3s (RS3) Jack put out.

It was a perfect day to meet our special guests, friends and other Ford enthusiasts and to enjoy other people’s cars. It’s quite a social event!